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For the first time, tianjin Port realized the whole process of dock operation without humanization

On October 17, tianjin port container terminal co., LTD., north the boat, as the last one container in the valley of the "new hamming" wheel firmly, global container wharf traditional unmanned automation transformation for the first time the whole process assignments to success in the tianjin port method.finally, marked the tianjin port group to overcome the traditional unmanned automatic transform the world's port container terminal problem, for the world wisdom port construction "tianjin model" is presented.
Compared with the newly-built unmanned container terminal, the unmanned automatic transformation of traditional container terminal has the advantages of short cycle, small investment and low energy consumption. However, there is no successful process and technology to follow for the unmanned automatic transformation of traditional container terminal in the world.
To overcome the traditional unmanned automatic transform the world's port container terminal problem, tianjin port group, have the courage to try a different approach, innovation, new, in May 2019 successfully completed the first traditional artificial container terminal yard automatic upgrade, January 17, 2020, a successful implementation of 25 driverless electric card for the first time in the global job method.finally, and earlier this year the start port version 2.0 "wisdom" construction ahead of schedule, in accelerating the tianjin port area of northern xinjiang C period of a batch of key projects such as intelligent container wharf engineering construction at the same time, to continue on the basis of the existing container terminals,Accelerate the automatic transformation of the whole process of traditional container terminals, and finally successfully overcome the problem of unmanned automatic transformation of container terminals.
The reporter understands, the traditional port group successfully container wharf unmanned automation transformation whole process operation method.finally, high gold content of science and technology, highlight, technologies is a global initiative, among them, the tianjin port group cooperation with ningbo weilong also developed the world's first commercial operation of container intelligent unlock stand on the ground, recognition rate from down to 3 s, 6 s recognition rate above 95%, and improve efficiency by more than 10%, through unmanned automation terminal "key point".
Jointly developed the world's first container task Integrated management system (ETMS) with Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry co., LTD., connected the independent operation control units such as unaccompanied card collection, automatic unlocking station and remote control quayside bridge, and took the lead in realizing the control and management of the entire unaccompanied automatic operation system with one set of systems.
Integrated applications of a series of new technologies, such as Beidou satellite positioning, 5G communication, remote simulation control and driving, and equipment safety fault diagnosis, have been developed with CNHTC and main Technology, making it the first to break through the L4 level fully unmanned driving state, and laying a solid foundation for the construction of national port automatic driving demonstration zone.
In addition, independent research and development of tianjin port group also shake shake, set the card guide key technologies, such as the first in the global application of a new generation of high-precision cloud point figure shipping scanning system, in real time the location of the ship, cargo, car information interaction, automatic mechanical running the optimal route planning, achieve the landside "a key box", make the land bridge efficiency reached the international leading level, has opened up a new model of container gantry cranes unmanned automatic jump.
According to measure, according to the tianjin port group of unmanned automation terminal whole process operation of scheme design method.finally, tianjin port container terminal co., LTD., north from the traditional manual upgrade for unmanned automatic container terminal, container terminal new automated container terminal cost saving more than 70%, compared with single box comprehensive energy consumption reduced by more than 20%, wharf integrated operation cost reduced by more than 10%, leading not only wisdom, also more green economy.
Tianjin port group chairman, party secretary of ChuBin said that the implementation of the xi jinping, general secretary of the "wisdom of the world to create a first-class port, green port" important instructions, the next step, tianjin port group will further exert advantages of integrated innovation, stimulate creativity, solid climb the heights of world first-class port, with less investment, higher efficiency, more sophisticated technology, accelerate the wisdom port upgrade again, power construction of tianjin northern international shipping hub, the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei better service and build the "area" all the way.
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