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From January to August, piracy incidents in Asia increased by 38%!The situation in the Singapore Strait is serious

According to ReCAAPISC''s monthly piracy report, there were a total of six armed robberies of ships in Asia by August 2020.The total number of incidents reported in January-August 2020 increased compared to January-August 2019 due to increased incidents in Bangladesh, India, the Philippines, the South China Sea and the Singapore Strait from January to August 2020.
The RecaapISC warned that the kidnapping of crew members for ransom remains a serious problem.Some time ago, for example, five members of the ABU Sayyaf Group (ASG) planned to kidnap crew members from vessels passing through Chinese waters off Taiwan and Sabah.
The situation in the Singapore Strait remains worrying, with a total of 21 incidents occurring between January and August 2020, of which 17 occurred in the Eastbound section of the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS), two in the prevention zone, one in the westbound section of the TSS and one outside (south) of the TSS.
In August 2020
In August 2020, six incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia.
All incidents were accomplished and no attempted incidents occurred.
Of the six incidents reported in August 2020, three occurred on the ship at anchor, one on the berth and two on the voyage.
Of the six actual events reported in August 2020, two were CAT2 events, two were CAT3 events, and two were CAT4 events.
CAT2 two incidents occurred in Bata goose in the Philippines.
Of the two CAT3 incidents, one occurred aboard a bulk carrier in the Singapore Strait;Another accident occurred on a chemical ship docked in Dumai Anchorage, Indonesia.
Of the two CAT4 incidents, one occurred aboard a bulk carrier in the Singapore Strait and the other occurred aboard a tanker anchored at Sandakan Anchorage in East Mashaba.
January to August 2020
From January to August 2020, A total of 65 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships (including 63 actual incidents and 2 attempted incidents) were reported in Asia.
Of the 65 incidents, three were piracy and 62 were armed robbery against ships.
Most worrying is the 38 per cent increase in the total number of incidents reported between January and August 2020, compared with January and August 2019.From January to August 2019, a total of 47 incidents (including 43 actual incidents and 4 attempted incidents) were reported.
As the Singapore Strait incident continues,ReCAAPISC strongly urges coastal States to increase patrolling and law enforcement in their respective waters and to facilitate information sharing on incidents and criminal groups involved in order to conduct more manhunt operations.
When passing through the Singapore Strait, masters and crew are advised to take the following measures:
Maximize alertness to suspicious small boat surveillance and increase the number of guards on board;Especially barge traffic during the day and large vessels at night;
Maintain communication with shipping company by providing regular updates and establishing daily communication checks;
To report all nearby incidents, suspicious activities and the presence of suspected small boats to the nearby coastal State and flag State;
When a suspicious ship is seen loitering near a ship or barge or with a suspicious person on board, give prompt warning.
Source: Port Circle
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