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Antwerp posts 5th record year with boxes up 4.3pc to 10 million TEU

THE Port of Antwerp has broken its cargo volume record for five straight years now, increasing 4.4 per cent year on year to 223,606,610 tonnes in 2017.

Container volume was up 4.3 per cent year on year in tonnage (122,969,409 tonnes) and rising 4.1 per cent in boxes to 10,450,897 TEU. 

"Finishing the year with such strong growth figures gives us confidence for the future," said Antwerp Port Authority CEO Jacques Vandermeiren. 

"Companies remain convinced of the advantages of Antwerp - witness the many investments that we were able to welcome in 2017," he said. 

The last quarter of 2017 was up seven per cent the highest gain the quarter of 2017. But May, August and October posted the highest volume of 900,000 TEU.

As regards trading routes greatest container gains were made by North America (up 11.6 per cent), Latin America (up 8.5 per cent) and the Far East (up 7.7 per cent). 

The US performed particularly well for Antwerp with 9.7 per cent overall growth in the volume of laden containers, with container imports being up by as much as 10.4 per cent. 

By contrast in Europe, Antwerp's biggest trading partner, the port lost volume (down by 3.6 per cent), due partly to the loss of imports for transshipment.

Most sectors turned in good performances with liquid bulk, such as oil derivatives, was up 5.7 per cent to 73.1 million tonnes. Conventional breakbulk, such as steel, rose 4.8 per cent to 10.3 million tonnes, while ro/ro completed the growth list with 10.5 per cent to 5.1 million tonnes. 

Only dry bulk such as coal and ores lagged, finishing the year with a drop of 3.7 per cent (12.2 million tonnes).

Said Mr Vandermeiren: "In 2018 we seek to build further on the momentum of the previous year. This means that we will take the entire world as the scale for our decisions, with maximum facilitation for our customers as the basis."
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