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FedEx re-bundles several units under FedEx founder's son in FTN

FEDEX Trade Networks (FTN) is expanding re-organising starting in March in response to the exponential growth of e-commerce, reports London's Air Cargo News.

Richard Smith, son of FedEx founder Fred Smith, now heads FTN, which will soon include a new company called FedEx Forward Depots, to handle critical inventory and service, parts logistics, 3-D printing, the repair centre and the FedEx Packaging Lab.

FTN will also incorporate FedEx Supply Chain and FedEx Custom Critical, with financial results being reported within the division from March.

Supply chain results are currently reported in the FedEx Ground segment and FedEx Custom Critical results are reported in the FedEx Freight segment

Said FedEx president and chief operating officer David Bronczek: "To improve our ability to leverage the unique capabilities of our specialty companies, we are realigning several companies in a new organisational structure under FedEx Trade Networks."

Said Mr Smith: "I am delighted to lead this organisation. This realignment under FedEx Trade Networks will allow us to offer customers the full power of our wide array of unique and competitively advantaged customised services in a way that is even more convenient and intuitive."
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