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Canada's 'progressive trade' agenda risks NAFTA withdrawal by US

CANADA's "progressive trade agenda", that stymied its bid for a trade deal with China late year, now risks sinking current NAFTA trade talks with the US, reports Bloomberg.

US officials are frustrated with Canada's insistence on workplace "gender balance" and "climate change" provisions being included - a condition that sunk prospects of an accord with China last year.

The US says it is running out of patience with Canadian resistance to American proposals ahead of talks this week in Montreal on a new North American "Free Trade Agreement.

US wants to see serious counter offers to US demands like tightening content requirements for cars. 

NAFTA requires a vehicle to have a minimum of 62.5 per cent North American content. The US wants 85 per cent, with a 50 per cent US minimum.

The US also wants movement on Mexican labour conditions, which they say keeps America's wages artificially low as well as a "sunset clause" that would bring NAFTA to an end in five years unless renewed.

Mexico has shown flexibility on the US proposals, Canadian officials are more reluctant to give ground on "progressive trade".
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