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Dredging works around HK's Kwai Tsing box terminal 8 to last 3 months

THE Hong Kong Marine Department has announced in a notice to the shipping trade (No 4 of 2018) that dredging works at Kwai Tsing Container Terminal 8 West will last for three months.

The dredging operations will be carried out within the area bounded by straight lines joining the following co-ordinates (WGS 84 Datum) from (A) to (E) and the adjacent shoreline: (A) 22 degrees 19.433' north/114 degrees 07.357' east; (B) 22 deg. 19.424'N/114 deg. 07.327'E; (C) 22 deg. 19.475'N/114 deg. 07.309'E; (D) 22 deg. 19.613'N/114 deg. 07.776'E; and (E) 22 deg. 19.561'N/114 deg. 07.794'E.

The works will be carried out round-the-clock by a grab dredger, while two tugboats and three split hopper barges will assist.

A working area of 50 metres around the grab dredger will be established. Yellow marker buoys fitted with yellow flashing lights will be laid out to mark the positions of the anchors extending from the grab dredger. The vessels engaged in the operations will display signals in line with international and local regulations.
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