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HKTDC visits Heilongjiang, Vladivostok to join Belt and Road scheme

A HONG KONG business delegation organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) has visited regional transportation and trading hub Heilongjiang and Vladivostok to explore development and cooperation opportunities under the Belt and Road Initiative. 

The Belt and Road Initiative is expected to bring bilateral benefits to both countries, with Heilongjiang and Vladivostok playing increasingly important roles in the bilateral trade between Russia and China.

The mission led by HKTDC executive director Margaret Fong comprised representatives of 20 companies from various sectors, including logistics, infrastructure, supply chain management, finance, property, IT, aviation, catering and food and auto parts. 

For outbound investments from Heilongjiang, the industrial centre of China's northeast, increased cooperation in investment, equipment manufacturing and production capacity with Belt and Road countries became a main focus of the delegation's visit. 

Said Ms Fong: "Heilongjiang is a key Belt and Road transportation and business hub. Heilongjiang can form a strategic partnership with Hong Kong and capitalise on Hong Kong's advantages as an international financial and trading platform in its efforts to expand into Belt and Road markets."
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