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Yusen Logistics to expand Dutch and Belgian cold storage facilities

YUSEN Logistics is commencing two logistics projects for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors for Belgium and the Netherlands.

The company is expanding the Yusen Logistics Antwerp Distribution Centre (ADC) in Melsele by adding an adjoining 8,000-square-metre warehouse. The new facility will provide cold and ambient storage. It is scheduled to open for business by year-end, reported New York's Air Cargo World.

The existing Melsele facility handles two million pallets of pharmaceuticals per annum.

Yusen will also break ground on a new healthcare logistics facility in the Dutch city of Roosendaal. The new 11,225-square metre pharmaceutical facility aims to meet demand for "premium-quality" pharmaceutical and healthcare products from customers in the Netherlands, the company said.

The facility will offer the same type of cold storage and ambient temperature zones as the Melsele facility, and is expected to open by the first quarter of 2018.
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