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Russia's National Container Company launches 'dry port'

NATIONAL Container Company (NCC), a container terminal operator in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), announced that it has started to use recently approved "dry port" technology to move containers between its First Container Terminal (FCT) and Logistika-Terminal (LT) in St Petersburg.

The new procedure enables containers to be transported in bond from FCT to the terminal operator's off-dock facility in Shushary, St Petersburg, under a simplified scheme introduced by Customs Control for further customs clearance, storage and distribution.

"This is a strategically important step for the company. Today, we open a new page in the history of Russia's container business," said FCT commercial director Andrey Bogdanov.

The first containers transported under the new scheme were OOCL containers loaded with food stuffs that were delivered to FCT by the ship, OOCL Narva.

"The start-up of this technology increases FCT's yard capacity and gives our customers the possibility of taking full advantage of high quality logistic services at the off-dock terminal," he said in a statement from the terminal operator.

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