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Jiangmen Nanyang Ship Engineering Co., Ltd.

Dockyard Message

Jiangmen Nanyang Ship-engineering Co. Ltd. (JNS), a privately-owned Chinese company, is emerging as a modern shipbuilder that specializes in building quality Handysize, Handymax or Panamax bulk carriers. JNS has kicked off its construction and will be put into operation in June of 2006. Its total investment is estimated to be over US$ 60 million.0 Financial and human capitals have been in place to sustain JNS in its start-up.

JNS is located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China. It takes about two hours by car and/or fast boat from JNS to Hong Kong, or about 50 minutes by car to Zhuhai airport. This area, also known as Pearl River Delta Zone, is an engine power of national economy as well as shipbuilding and shipping hub in China.


JNS devotes itself to be a long-term shipbuilding partner with worldwide shipowners.

To be a first-class specialist in building middle-sized bulk carriers, JNS will be distinguished from those major Chinese shipyards with broad product lines of diversified ship types. JNS will become a reliable and competitive shipbuilder serving shipowners’ needs for quality ships. That is our core business value.

Upon the completion of stage 1 in 2006, JNS will be capable of processing about 30,000 tons steel and therefore building three bulk carriers of Handymax size or equivalent per year. On schedule, the first newbuilding ship will be delivered in the middle of 2007.

JNS has obtained whole plan and design of itself from The Ninth Design & Research Institute, the designer for such domestic modern shipyard facilities as NACKS, CSSC Waigaoqiao Shipyard, CSIC Dalian New Shipyard, and etc..

Furthermore, JNS has signed the contracts for drydock construction and equipment procurement amounting to US$ 25 million, and will strictly execute shipyard construction and shipbuilding plan in accordance with the schedule.

Our people are the capital of JNS. JNS has deliberately organized its management and workforce to realize two major targets in its start-up stage: constructing the shipyard and delivering our first newbuilding ship successfully and punctually.

JNS management team has rich experience in the ship industry. Before joining JNS, each of them had taken mid-senior positions in CSSC shipyards or COSCO, and focused on shipbuilding, shipyard construction and ship brokering with successful professional background and track records on:

- Shipbuilding for global shipowners, such as:
* 27,000 DWT Bulk Carrier/1,700 TEU Container Ship for German shipowners;
* 38,800 DWT Bulk Carrier/40,000 DWT Oil Tanker for China Shipping;
* 28,000 DWT/21,000 DWT Multi-purpose Vessel for COSCO;
* 29,000 DWT Chemical Tanker/35,000 DWT Product Oil Tanker for AP Moller; and
* 500-4,200M3/H Dredger for Chinese owners.
- Shipyard construction, such as planning and constructing drydocks, outfitting quays and a series of workshops of CSSC shipyards.

Stressing our core business value, utilizing our best knowledge on bulk carriers, and implementing international quality standard on shipbuilding, the JNS professionals will serve our shipowners best and meet their needs in the future.

JNS partners with first class industrial, trading and financial companies in China. To be part of JNS’s success, our partners not only promote JNS to be a first class shipbuilder, but also add values to JNS in such aspects as providing technical supports in shipbuilding and financial guarantee in contracting orders from shipowners. Some of its partners are listed as follows:

- China Construction Bank and other major Chinese banks
- The Ninth Design & Research Institute, CSSC
- CSSC Shipbuilding Technology Research Institute
- CSSC Shanghai Design and Research Institute
- Ship-engineering companies providing major Chinese shipyards with on-site shipbuilding workforce
- Minmetals

JNS is strongly supported by the local government.

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