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Port and Agency
Search Tips
A, Who we are?

"Port and Agency" is an online searching tool developed by Shipping Online Co., the most renowned portal shipping website in China, for searching global ports and shipping agencies. Up until the beginning of 2009, nearly 30,000 ports have been collected, so it's a most practical searching system with the most ports covered.

B. What we do?
We provide 5 methods for searching ports: fuzzy match, port name, port code, abbreviation and country. Meanwhile, you can also find miles between main ports and local port shipping agency, spare parts and ship store supplier (subject to global members from Shipping Online)

C. Is the port info reliable?
In order to keep port's information correct and updated, we especially present a " Port and Agency Union Plan". We choose a qualified shipping agency at each local port as our Union representative to take care of maintaining and updating port's basic information, news and line-up data. This Union representative can be inquired online directly by ship owner and charterer, and accept your nomination, provide service directly to you. You can also make your best choice after comparing with other local agencies.

Note: Port, if not in our Union yet, whose information may not be available.
Welcome all shipping agencies join our Union Plan. How to Join?

D. How to search?

Fuzzy Match:
Search port by keywords, the system will fuzzy matching the result.

Port Name:
Search port by the English name. Such as "shanghai"

Port Code:
Search port by the code of the port. Such as "CNSHA" stands for "China Shanghai"

Search port by the abbreviation of the port. Such as "QIN" stands for "China Qingdao"

Select one country to display all the ports in this country.

Port Distance:
Enter two ports to check the distance.

Looking for agencies in the main ports of the world by entering keywords.

Search World Ports and Agencies Now!

3 Steps to Join the Union:
1. Register first and get a member ID in ShippingOnline.cn.
Click here to Join free now!.
2. Fill in a <Application Form> and submit it back to us via fax or email.
Click to download the form
3. We will checkup your application and will get back to you within three working day.

Contact the Union:
Pic: Ms. Sun
Tel: 86-411-82804930
Email: agent@sol.com.cn
About the "Port and Agency Union"