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2nd Asia Bunker Oil Forum 2009 will be Held on June 23-24 in Shenzhen, China

2nd Asia Bunker Oil Forum 2009 will be held on June 23-24 in Shenzhen, China. The organizer, C1 Energy, China’s leading oil & gas information supplier, invites you to attend the forum, facing the financial crisis, discussing how to fight against, seeking the flourish of shipping industry.
1st Asia Bunker Oil Forum was held ceremoniously on September 8-9, 2008 in Harbor Plaza Hong Kong. With high crude oil price as background, 100+ ship owners, operators, bunker suppliers, international traders and relevant inspection bodies from Singapore, Japan, Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand and China convened at this event to present their insightful analyses on the past, present and future of major bunker markets in Singapore, China and other parts of Asia-Pacific region. They also thoroughly introduced the operation details for environment laws and policies, and conducted in-depth discussions on shipping risk management through case study.
Distinguished from the 1st Asia Bunker Oil Forum, the 2nd Asia Bunker Oil Forum is facing a totally different situation, oil price jumps dramatically, shipping demand decrease sharply, the whole related industries are feeling great pains, experiencing cold hard times. How would the future demand and supply of bunker fuel oil market evolve? How long would the winter of shipping industry last?
How would the bunker fuel market deal with the crisis? How and how much would new policies and national key projects influence the development of bunker industry in China? Would the bunker suppliers in Middle East exert greater influence on the traditional ship fuel market? These key issues are no doubt what the industry insiders really care.
The 2nd Asia Bunker Oil Forum will gather main national and international bunker oil supplier, traders and big ship owners, discussing the severe problems bunker oil market are now facing. BP, Total, Shell, Brightoil, CHIMBUSCO, OOCL, Maersk, COSCO, Searights, DNV and etc will attend and communicate about hot topics as changes of demand, capacity and routes in Asia shipping market and the influence on bunker fuel supply, China bonded oil market, fuel oil demand of emerging shipping market and so on. Furthermore, to enhance the interaction and participation, enhance the communication, the forum specially features three innovative and open round-table discussion sessions, ship owners, bunker oil suppliers and traders will involve in and have thorough talking with each other. This is inevitably the brightest highlight of the forum this year.
Basing China, the 2nd Asia Bunker Oil forum will analyze opportunities and challenges confronting Chinese shipping and related industries in global financial crisis, providing you various exchange and interactive platforms and business opportunity exploration.
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