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The 2nd Annual Shipping Finance China Summit 2011


Date of event:
Main conference: 24 and 25 August 2011
Pre-conference workshops: 23 August 2011
Venue of event: Shanghai, China
Price: USD 2599

Early Bird Offer:
10 June, 2011: USD 2299
Examining how ship-owners, shipbuilders and financiers can capitalise on China’s growing shipping and ship-financing industries
As part of Finance IQ’s Shipping Finance summit series, the 2nd annual Shipping Finance China Summit 2011 is the year’s largest gathering of Chinese and foreign financiers, ship-owners, shipbuilders, Chinese government officials and regulators to discuss the key ship-financing strategies in China and explore opportunities presented by the rapid development of China’s shipping and ship-financing sectors.
Key conference highlights:
·         Chinese regulators will discuss key shipping and ship-financing government regulations and its impact on the future of China’s shipping and ship-financing sectors
·         Hear Chinese bank’s perspectives on effective strategies to secure bank loans from Chinese ship-financiers and their key considerations when financing foreign ship-owners
·         Evaluating how Chinese banks can establish collaborations with foreign banks to successfully venture into the international market
·         Hear foreign ship-financiers discuss their loan assessment criteria and how they are overcoming key challenges when entering the Chinese ship-financing market
·         Alternative ship-financing channels in China—ship leasing, export credit agencies and ship funds
·         Examining the Chinese government’s policies to drive the shipbuilding industry and how it contributes to developing China into the world’s leader in shipbuilding
·         Leveraging on China’s rapidly growing shipping and ship-financing industry—how Chinese ship-owners can secure bank loans and effectively manage cash and working capital
Book and pay before 10 June 2011 and save up to USD 550
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