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Shanghai Containers & Intermodal Exhibition 2009

Shanghai Containers & Intermodal Exhibition 2009
Time:  28th-30th July, 2009
Venue:Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center
Shanghai International Merchandising Center
Special  Supporters:
Ministry of Transport of the People`s Republic of China
China Federation of Logistics& Purchasing
China International Freight Forwarders Association
China Federation of Industrial Economics(CFIC)
The Bureau International des Containers ET du Transport Intermodal
China Container Standardization Committee
Shanghai Shengding Exhibition Planning Co.Ltd
Container industry chain event
Shanghai Containers & Intermodal Exhibition 2009 provides a perfect business platform for the industry, The platform provide enterprises serving the container manufacturers and the supply chain with the opportunity to display their company image as well as introducing products and the services to their potential customers. If you are devoting in set up own brands in the quick developing Chinese market, or expanding your services, Shanghai Containers & Intermodal Exhibition 2009 is your best Choices!
Organized by authorities, ensuring the forward-looking and leadership of the exhibition!
As the first exhibition in the container industry, it is organized by CCIA (China Container Industry Association) with full support by Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China, Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China,National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), ensuring the exhibition is forward-looking, leads and guides the development of industry trends.
In-depth understanding of the Chinese market developing at a rapid speed, actively develop business
Related statistical data demonstrates: in 2007 China has exported 3,130,000 containers, amounts to 8,775,000,000 US dollars, an increase of 42.6% and 46.6% respectively, achieving yet a new high. China has already led container production and sales in the world for 15 years continuously.
China has huge room for the development of multimodal transport containers
 Container throughput in China has already reached 113 million TEU in 2007, exceeding 100 million TEU for the first time, an increase of 22.3% compared to 2006. The coastal ports have accomplished 105 million TEU and river ports have accomplished 9,740,000 TEU, an increase of 22.0% and 24.6% compared to 2006. In 2007, In terms of weight, container throughput has already reached 1.095 billion tons, an increase of 23.2%. From January to March in 2008, national scaled ports have completed 29,023,900 TEU, an increase of 18.4%. The coastal ports have accomplished 27,003,700 TEU and the river ports have accomplished 2,020,200 TEU, an increase of 18.4% and 17.2% respectively.
China has fundamentally established five scaled, centralized and modern port groups including Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta, the southeast coast, Zhujiang River Delta and South-west coast, they will continue to play key roles in the development of port container transportation in China. In 2007, Shanghai port has exceeded Hong Kong, becoming the second port in the world. Shenzhen Port, Qingdao port, Ningbo-Zhoushan port, Guangzhou port, Tianjin port and Xiamen port all remain in fast development speed. In addition, Roads, railways, river port container transport has made significant development in China, create a new stage for China container transportation.
Future container transport industry still has much room for development and upgrades. China is gradually becoming a container transportation giant. It is estimated that by 2010, China will become the largest container shipping center in the world and by 2020; the container throughput of China ports will reach 200 million.
Communicate with your customer and enterprises worldwide
We have successfully held many exhibitions in China involving every industry, therefore we know your target customer. In this exhibition, we will invite the rod, sea and air transport company, port and wharf, railway, port authority, port construction and investment authority, port bureau and the wharf management and operation organization, ship owner, forwarders, ship agents, non-ship carrier, big cargo owner, warehouses, third party logistics company, transportation company, warehousing logistics equipment operators, distribution center, high end customer in petroleum, chemical, military and construction to attend the exhibition.
Meet with the multinational corporations seeking     Chinese partner
Shanghai Containers & Intermodal Exhibition 2009 will invite companies from many countries. They will introduce new trends of European logistics and transportation industries. Most importantly, they will seek Chinese partners in the fast developing Chinese market and actively expand their business in China. As an exhibitor of Shanghai
Containers & Intermodal Exhibition 2009, you will have more opportunities to communicate with them, share experiences and establish your company image.
High quality parallel activities will involve various hot issues in the market, helping you to have a better grasp of industry
During Shanghai Containers & Intermodal Exhibition 2009, we will discuss hot issues in the industry presently and propose all kinds of solutions. We will organize a series of forum and summit with various industry associations and professional media. Contents include industry standard, development trend, obstacles and solution. These activities will be open to you for free. Please feel free to participate and meet with industry professionals and scholars face to face, better prepare for the business opportunity.
Specialized audience
The success of industrial exhibition lays in effective buyer organization. The organizer will expand organization forces based on past successful experiences, inviting more and better quality International buyers to attend the exhibition.
Target audience profession distribution and way of invitation is as follows:
Target audience profession distribution:
Road, sea and air transport company, harbor wharf, railroad, harbor control authority, harbor construction investment department, port bureau and wharf management and operation organization, ship owner, forwarder, agents, non-ship carrier, large-scale cargo owner, warehouses, third party logistics company, transportation company, warehousing logistic equipment operator, distribution center etc.
Target audience invitation method:
Invitation through mail, email, fax and phone calls using industry database from industry authority, association and organizer.
The organizer will print and send 100,000 Chinese invitations and 50,000 English invitations plus 10,000 VIP invitations;
Organized numerous overseas promotions to attract and invite international buyers to attend the exhibition.
Organizer staff participate related exhibitions both in China and overseas, promoting the exhibitions to target audience face to face.
Organize parallel seminar, symposium, and technical analysis meetings; invite related buyers to attend in accordance with exhibitors’ requirement.
Schedule & Venue
Registration & Setup: 26th-27th July, 2009 09:00-18:00
Exhibition Time:      28th July, 2009 10:00-16:15
                    29th July, 2009 09:00-16:15
                    30th July, 2009 09:00-14:00
Dismantle        :   30th July, 2009 14:00-18:00
Venue:Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
 (88 Caobao Road, Shanghai, P. R. China)
Promotion plan
News release: organize promotion in main national newspaper, radio, TV, Internet and related media, release newest information on exhibition theme, main activities, sponsors and exhibitors;
Advertisements promotion: Promotions on the newspaper, Internet, television and the outdoors media;
Direct business mails: send exhibition information directly to target audience by mail and email using organizer’s database, provide pre-registration and telephone inquiry in addition.
Exhibition website: fully utilize the advantage of Internet to establish official website for the exhibition, providing complete information to everyone paying attention to this event;
Cooperation: form cooperation with government department, industry user association and related organizations, send exhibition information and invitations to their members.
Scope of Exhibitors
Container and Reefer Manufacturers
Container and Reefer Component Providers 
Container and Reefer Lessors 
Container and Reefer Security Companies 
After Market Equipment Vendors 
Deep Sea Ports 
Inland Ports and Terminals
Container Depots and Repairers 
IT Suppliers 
Road Hauliers 
Rail Operators 
Intermodal and CT operators
Booth Charges
A) Standard Booth (Specification:(3M×3M)9㎡)
Oversea enterprises 20000RMB/Booth
Double-sided open booth charges additional 800 RMB/Booth
Fees cover space, 2.5m-high boarding, a negotiation table, two chairs, booth lighting and fascia board.
B) Raw Space (no less than 36㎡) 
Oversea enterprises RMB 2000/sq.m.
Fees include: exhibition space, security service and cleaning service.
Special Promotions
Fee: RMB15000/40mins
Fee includes: conference room (up to 150 people), projector, mineral water, registration table, registration book.
Advertising Charges
Exhibition Catalogue
Exhibitions Catalogue is both a permanent exhibition memorial and a manual/guide for professional buyers. By making full use of long term promotion effects by Exhibition Catalogue, placing advertisements will obtain unexpected result. 
Price (RMB)
Price (RMB)
Price (RMB)
Text full page
Fly page
Inside back
inside page
Inside front
Front cover
Colored inside page
Back cover
Double colored page spread
Website Promotion
Your Logo and company profile will be placed in the official exhibition website. Link with your website will bring you more business opportunities.
Promotion Item
Position & Form
Expo website
Picture link
Expo website
Text link
Expo website
Picture & Text link
Other Promotional Prints
All promotional materials will be beneficial for enhancing your company’s influence and branding.
Ad Carrier
Price (RMB)
Ad Carrier
Price (RMB)
Invitation cards
Visitor’s badges
Admission tickets
Material bags
On-site promotion
Your booth is fixed, but on-site promotion can help you to get rid of the limit by booth areas, fully display your company image. Advertising by air balloons, inflated arches, billboards, and TV walls, etc. will promote your image in front of many buyers and attract more buyers to your booth for negotiation and purchasing. Please call us for charges.
Notes: 20% additional charges apply to non exhibitor on the base price in part 3.
Participation Procedure
1、Fill out the Booth Application Form and mail or fax it to the organizer after stamping the company chop.
2、Within three working days after receiving the application, the organizer will reply Exhibitor’s Confirmation to the applicant.
3、Within five working days after receiving the Confirmation, the applicant will pay the exhibition fees to the designated account of the organizer via T/T or transfer
4、The organizer will mail Exhibitor Manual (including Exhibitor Notification, Hotel Reception, Exhibit Transportation Notice, Truck Routes to enter Shanghai, etc) to the exhibitor in December 2008.
Participation Consultation
Shanghai shengding Exhibition Planning Co.,Ltd
Room 901, 9/F, NO. 2, Lane 1155, Dongxiu Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, P.R China
Tel:86 21-50942095-813  50942096 
Contact : Wei jie  song     13611987151 
Email : intermodal5759@yahoo.com.cn
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