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The 7th China International Machinery & Electronic Products ExpositionDate: 23-26 September 2006

Date: 23-26 September 2006

Venue: China WuHan Science and Technology Convention & Exhibition Center

Sponsor: Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

The People’s Government of HuBei Province

The People’s Government of WuHan City

Organizer: Science & Technology Department of HuBei Province

Office for Shipping Industry of HuBei Province
Yangtze River Shipping Group of China
Supporter: The I.M. Skaugen Group
WuHan Classification Society of China
Operator: HuBei Provincial Science & Technology Exchange Center with Foreign Countries
HuBei Sinoshow Exhibition CO., LTD
Description of Exhibition:
In recent years, the amount of China new ship has the annual increasing rate by 43%. It is expected, by 2010, the new ship amount made in China will occupy 25% of the world new ship market. However, about 60% products in the field of subsidiary products are still need to be imported from foreign countries. China will enhance the technological support and production of the ship subsidiary products based on the related rules of China ship industry,
HuBei Province is one of the largest shipping products production bases in China, with many shipping industry colleges and research institutes, design capacity of shipbuilding is in lead of China, and there are also many shipping manufacturers in HuBei Province. “The Shipping Industry Exhibition” held in WuHan aims at improving the exchange and cooperation between the new technology & equipment and the international shipping industry, promoting the rapid development of the shipping industry, enhancing international level of shipping industry.
Exhibition Coverage:

Propulsion system, power generating equipment, communication, navigation, ship equipment, electron, electric and automation, engine, tube, pump and valve, deck arrangement and special

system, comport supporting facilities, security and firefighting equipment, ship's lines and maritime engineering, register and checkout, shipyard, ship repairs and refits, shipbuilding equipment and tool, material and spare part, repair technique and equipment, organization, institute, and media, other related products, etc
Dates & Times
Registration & Build-up         21st-22nd September 2006   0800-1800hr
Opening Ceremony             23rd September 2006   0900hr
Showdays                    23rd-25th September 2006   0930-1630hr
Teardown                     25th September 2006   1630hr
Market inspection              26th September 2006
Exhibition Fee:
Open Ground: $150/㎡ (36㎡above)
Standard Booth: $1200/3m×3m
Information Section:
1、Please kindly send the application form back to the organizer either by fax or mail.
2、Provide participating company’s introduction information (within 300 words).
3、Please pay 50% bargain fee for booth subscription, and balance 50% amount due by 30 August 2006.
4、Booth confirmation will be delivered by sending Exhibition Manual.
5、Deadline: 30 August 2006.
Tel: +86-411-39660011
Fax: +86-411-39660007
person in charge: Joyce
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