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Asia Green Shipping Summit 2011

In recent years, sustainability in a climate and an environmental perspective has become an issue of highest priority. Base on the report of IMO, global shipping industry’s CO2 emission surpasses one billion tons; take the percentage of 3.3% of global total emission. The standard of harmful gas emissions from shipping has been verified constantly by IMO which will push the marine engine supplier to improve the fuel efficiency and reduce the exhaust gas emission. According to the MARPOL VI requirement, the Sox emission should be reduced by 95%, Knox emission should be reduced by 85% base on current emission standard.
Asia Green Shipping Summit 2011 will held on June 15-17, 2011 in Shanghai China. This event includes two-day main conference and one day pre-conference seminar specialized on “LNG as a Ship’s Fuel”. It will address the following key issues:
-- Meeting the Requirements of IMO Convention: Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges
-- Adapting the Law Surrounding MARPOL Annex VI and What this Really Means in Practical Nature for Shipping Sector
-- A Shipyard’s Action on EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index)
-- Latest Development of Green Shipbuilding Technology
-- A Ship Designer’s Plan for Green Ship
-- Engine and Propulsion Systems for LNG Fuelled Ships:
-- Green Technology of Marine Diesel Engine
-- Sea Water Scrubbing Technology for Exhaust Gas Cleaning
-- Ballast Water Treatment System
-- Weather Routing and Voyage Optimization: The Impact on Fuel Management and Voyage Efficiency
-- Ship owner’s Experience of Fuel Saving Initiatives and Management
-- Reducing Emission and Saving Energy in Port
-- Improving Shipping Energy Efficiency by Performance Monitoring and Trim Optimization
-- IMO PSPC: How to Cope with the New Regulation
-- Air Cavity System (ACS) - The Unique and Innovative Technology for Green Shipping
-- Green Technology of Marine Auxiliary Machinery
-- Financial Initiatives, Legal Initiatives and Certification
Asia Green Shipping Summit 2011 will bring together more than 150 maritime professionals from environmental protection authorities, shipbuilders, ship owners/operators , classification societies and marine equipment suppliers as well as fuel/lubricants/coating suppliers, marine consultancy and law firms. Through specialist case studies, participants will explore the latest research and technological developments highlighting innovative solutions. It will allow you to greatly reduce ship emissions and pollution with methods including improving fuel efficiency, boosting energy effectiveness, exhaust gas treatment solution, ballast water treatment technology and using alternative sources of power such as LNG.
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