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3rd China Logistics Summit

The ONLY event designed specifically for transport logistics providers to focus on opportunities in China!
The 3rd China Logistics Summit is coming to Shanghai, China next March from 13th to 15th. China is an exciting market to be in - especially with the boom in the logistics sector, its exciting growth and its potential of development as a large market for transport and logistics services
Eyefortransport has spent the last 7 years bringing together executives from leading transport and logistics companies to discuss the key themes for the industry! We’ve held many events successfully across North America and Europe. In July 2005, the eyefortransport community brought Summit format to China; it was so successful that the event now has become an annual gathering.
If you're looking to maximize your company’s resources and sharpen your competitive edge in the logistic field in China, then you need to be at the 3rd China Logistics Summit. It is an ideal place to meet executive-level clients, partners and providers currently doing business in China.
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