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SCMLogistics India 2007 is coming to India next March, and it is India 's ONLY industry leading event dedicated to capitalise on the opportunities for supply chain & logistics growth and transformation. India is an exciting market to be in - especially with the boom in the manufacturing sector, increased infrastructural development and the easing up of market regulations.
If you're looking to sharpen your competitive edge in India, then you need to be at SCMLogistics India 2007 as manufacturers, retailers, supply chain and logistics solutions providers & analysts convene to discuss the latest issues and developments in supply chain management and logistics. Discover how your organisation can insulate your supply chains from risk, and harness competitive advantages in order to further cost minimisation and broaden your profit margins.
We're pleased to announce that the programme is in the midst of final touches, and that we can give you an exclusive sneak preview on who's speaking and on what if you just download our programme here. You can still let us know if you have issues you'd like to highlight at this programme, so don't hesitate to contact us today!
Hear from leading manufacturers and leading organisations on their perspectives and understanding of supply chain dynamics.  Here's a preview of the sessions you will benefit from:
  • An overview on India's manufacturing industry and understanding its impact on SCM
  • Leveraging on risk management to secure your supply chain and logistics processes
  • Transforming your supply chain to an on-demand model to respond appropriately to demand volatility
  • Managing outsourcing arrangements effectively
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