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International Civil Airport Facilities Expo (ICAF 2007)


General Administration of Civil Aviation of china    
China Aviation Industry Corporation I
China Aviation Industry Corporation            
China Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics


Shanghai Science and technology Association       
Shanghai Society of Aeronautics


China Aero-space Tooling Association                    
China Civil Aviation Maintenance Association

Hold United:

Shanghai Society of Astronautics                  
Shanghai Society of Inertial Technology
Beijing Society of Aeronautics & Astronautics       
Shanxi Society of Aeronautics
Liaoning Society of Aeronautics & Astronautics     
Jiangxi Society of Aeronautics
Guizhou Society of Aeronautics                   
Jiangsu Society of Aeronautics & Astronautics
Zhejiang Society of Aeronautics                   
Guangxi Society of Aeronautics & Astronautics
Henan Society of Aeronautics
Sichuan Society of Aeronautics & Astronautics
Hubei Society of Aeronautics
Shandong Society of Aeronautics & Astronautics.

Backup Units: (Hong Kong):
The IET HK(Originally the IEE)
Backup Units: (Shanghai):

AVCI Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd
China Eastern Airline
Shanghai Space Administration
Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory
Shanghai Airline
Shanghai Airport Authority

Shanghai GuangShun Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.

“International Civil Airport Facilities Expo”(ICAF 2007)---Worth your participation and concern. The only domestic exhibition provides 100% of the overall application solutions for civil airport.

Glance at the ICAF 2007:

With the rapid development of China economic, China civil aviation market has great room for development, and attract the global concern. It is expected that in 2020 China will become second largest civil aviation market of the world, and have a tremendous demand on the technology, equipment and services of the airport.
General Administration of Civil Aviation of China announced that the "11th Five-Year Plan" (between 2006 -2010) China government will invest about RMB140 billion for the construction of the airport. Concretely, expanding about 44 airports like Beijing Capital Airport, Shanghai Pu Dong Airport, Guang Zhou Baiyun Airport, Cheng Du Shuangliu Airport, Chong Qing Jiangbei Airport, Urumqi Di Wobao Airport, Xi’an Xian Yang Airport and so on, relocating. Kunming, Hefei, airports and so on, build the 42 new feeder airports. According to the "11th Five-year Plan", the airport construction will continue to improve the system of the airport, the hub, main and the feeder airport should be "reasonable development".
ICAF 2007is the platform for provide the best practices, new solutions and the advances state of the latest technological to the airport industry, it is share with the professionals. ICAF 2007 created the excited and enthusiastic surroundings that the procurement and suppliers together, thus establish lasting relationships for this community.
The facilities and the operation management of the airport as the theme, a number of important discussions will be held, also displays a wide range of airport security technology and services. Whether high-tech products or low-tech products, large number of the innovative equipment will satisfy with every exhibitors and visitors of the airport industry

The crowd fitted
ICAF 2007
The people of the airport industry fields will be gather in Shanghai in July 2007.
If your business is related to this exhibition, then the “ICAF 2007” is absolutely the best choice.
Exhibition Range

Technology Systems
·Aircraft Maintenance 
·Airport Lighting
·Environmental Control
·Instructions for Identifying
·Navigation Equipment
Ground Support Equipment and Services
·Airport Service Equipment
·Baggage handing
·Cargo handing
·Passenger Coordination
·Accidents, fires rescue
Information Technology and Intelligentize
·Air Management System and Equipment
·Passenger management
·Baggage management
·Cargo management
∙Information Technology and Software
∙Security Technology and Equipment
∙Network Services
∙Traffic and operation management and equipment
∙Development and Management of Airport ticketing and Equipment
The airport construction and installation
∙The design of architectural theme
∙The design and construction of aircraft hangars
∙The construction of airport logistic garden
The construction of terminal
∙Information system of passenger
∙Parking (facility)
Cabin Equipment
∙Design of inside cabin
∙Cabin Facilities
∙Cabin Packages
Airports Environmental Protection
∙Airports Environmental Facilities
∙The cleaning of aviation industry
∙Cabin cleaning supplies
Aviation Logistics
∙The equipment of logistics
∙Management software

ICAF 2007 Activities and Forums:
·2007 International Civil Airport Facilities;
·International Airport Facilities Purchasers and Suppliers Assembly;
·Symposium on Aviation Maintenance 2007;
·helicopters with 2010 Shanghai World Expo;
·Airport security and emergency systems seminar;
·airport construction in western China;
·modern international airport operation management seminars to exchange experiences and information technology;
·Airport construction and development of information technology;
ICACO2007 under the strong support of Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, China Aviation Industry Corporation I, China Aviation Industry Corporation II, Helicopter Association International, Civil Aviation Maintenance Association of China. Institution of Electrical Engineers(IEE), European Helicopter Association(E H A), China Aero-space Tooling Association, HK Civil Aviation Department,Shanghai Airport Authority and other units , the Shanghai Aerospace Institute 17 trade associations,Shanghai Guangshun exhibition sector contractors will be held in July 5-7 2007  at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.
During the exhibitions will be held in addition to a series of high-level forums,Organizition Committee will also organize a delegation to visit the Shanghai Pudong International Airport, inspected the airport command center. Visit Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, ARJ airplanes General Line and so on..
ICAF2007 established exhibition awards :
During the meeting, organized by the General Assembly invited the contractor to develop a world-class aviation experts, Architectural Design Institute, the industry officials. Airport owners and other investors to participate in the selection process will be set up during the annual exhibition "Best Award passenger luxury class."  "Best New Technology Award" and "Best Airport design Award", "airport Business Service Award" and "Best Booth Award for creativity","Best Export Marketing Award", "best parts manufacturers Award", "airport security equipment Contribution Award";
Register, Assign:3nd-4th July,2007            Opening Ceremony: 9:30, 5th July,2007
Show Time:    5th-7th, July,2007            Closing:         15:00, 7th July,2007
Location – Shanghai Exhibition Center
Shanghai Exhibition Center locates in center of the flourishing Jing’an District. It borders on the West Nanjing Rd in the north, Middle Yan’an rd and Yan’an overhead creel in the south. It needs 10minutes drive to HongQiao Airport, 40minutes to Pu Dong Airport, 15 minutes to Shanghai Railway Station. It needs 15minutes to subway station by walk. There are a lot of hotels nearby.
Reserve - Booth
If you are interested in reserving the booth of ICAF 2007, please contact the staff below, and choose the service packages. Thank you!
Service Package
We offer the following three service packages:

Domestics Price:¥13800/9m2
                                      Out sea Price: $3500 /9m2
                                                                                                                                  Facilities: three-side white wall, one information counter and two Folding chairs,
    one piece booth fascia board, two spotlights, signal phase socket, footcloth.
B、The raw space inside (must be 36 m2 or above):   
Domestics Price:¥1300/m2
Out sea Price:$350 /m2;   
CThe raw space outside (must be 36m2 or above):
Domestics Price:¥650/m2
Out sea Price:$175/m2
2007 International civil airport facilties Expo organization committee
Contact :
Mr. : chen  hu
Add:Room 1303,No.5 Lane 65, Jin Shajiang Rd, Shanghai    Code:200062
Dear Mr or Mrs:
Because of the time difference with other countries, please contact us by the following methods:
If you are in In China: Tel:021-26887876   52712370   .
If you are in regions outside china : Please E-mail: china6648@163.com,
Or Call my cell phone +86 0 13524745287  
Fax:86-(21)6222 9112 
E-mail:  chenhu852@126.com    china6648@163.com  
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