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Yangzhou Kejin Shipyard Co., Ltd

Dockyard Message

Yangzhou Kejin Shipyard Co., Ltd (YZKJC), built in 2004 with an investment of 2.5 billion RMB, is an integrated company of shipbuilding and transporting. The corporation is located at Jiangdu City Shipping Industrial Zone. It owns convenient transportation and exceptional geographic advantages. It covers an area of 1,200,000 ㎡and over 1000 meters Yangtze River Golden coastal line. The company mainly specializes in building and selling the container carrier, product oil tanker, chemical tanker, LPG carrier below 300,000 Ton and transporting product oil and chemical along national coastal line. YZKJC carries the enterprise spirit “safety first, seeking the truth, credible operating, innovative ship industry” and endeavors to build YZKJC a modern shipbuilding base.
Our company has passed authentication of ISO9000 (version approved in 2000) quality management system. Quality of ships built in our shipyard is universally acknowledged by many main classification societies and owners from Norway, Germany, Spain, Malaysia, Turkey, Cyprus and Singapore. Our management concept is “being innovative in working style, run our company according to rules and regulations, serve our society and adhere to scientific development ” Now we are trying to achieve our final goal of “striving for benefit with time, surviving on high quality, seeking development with good service” and make Kejin world-famous.
Now the corporation have employee more than 5000, administrative staff over 300, among whom 200 are engineers and technicians. We have seven slipways below 100,000Tons,two slipways around 100,000Tons,one dock of 300,000Tons (under construction),two sets of gantry crane of 500Tons,one set of gantry crane of 200Tons and eight large sized ,medium sized and small sized outfitting docks in total and the docks have the ability to berth vessels below 100,000Tons to do outfitting. Now the company has series of first-class modern ship-building facilities and equipments including steel pre-treatment workshop, steel cutting center, block fabricating center, painting center, outfitting and assembling center.
The main equipments are as follows:
1. Slipway
No.1 slipway: 200m length, 35m width, used for the construction of 50,000 tonnage vessel, longitudinal comb slipway.
No.2 slipway: 138m length, 22m width, used for the construction of 15,000 tonnage vessel, longitudinal comb slipway.
No.3 slipway: 130m length, 23m width, used for the construction of 10,000 tonnage vessel.
No.4 slipway: 180m length, 30m width, used for the construction of 50,000 tonnage vessel, longitudinal comb slipway.
No.5 slipway: 180m length, 30m width, used for the construction of 50,000 tonnage vessel, longitudinal comb slipway.
No.6 and No.7 slipway: 381m length, 30m width, used for the construction of 100,000 tonnage vessel, longitudinal comb slipway
We have capacity of building 300m length, 110m width large sized engineering ship and special ships.
2.lifting capacity
(1). 200T Gantry crane, span 70m, lifting height 50m, there are also two 10T gantry cranes and one 32T gantry crane.
(2). 120T Gantry crane, span 50m, lifting height 40m, there are also one 20T gantry cranes and two 10T gantry cranes.
(3). 180T Gantry crane, span 50m, lifting height 46m, there are also two 10T gantry cranes, one 20T gantry crane and one 32T gantry crane.
(4).500T Gantry crane, span 185m, lifting height 70m, there are also 9 gantry cranes (large ,medium and small)
3. Painting workshop and shotblasting workshop cover 20,000㎡ .
4. Pipe work, machinary work and outfitting process workshop covers 25,000㎡. This workshop service for the carbon steel pipe processing, stainless steel pipe processing, machinery installation, outfitting processing.
1) Outer wharf, 280m length, water depth 10m, is able to mooring 50,000T ships, equipped with one 10T crane and two 32T cranes.
2) Inner wharf, 510m length, water depth 8m, is able to mooring 100,000T ships, equipped with two 32T crane with span 45m and lifting height 60m.
6. Preparation workshop and block fabrication workshop total cover 218,000㎡ and are equipped with flame digital control cutting machine, underwater plasma cutting machine, bender, plate cutting machine and crane. The biggest lifting capacity is 240T and 300,000T steel can be consumed within a year.
7. Quality control system
There is a professional team providing after service. The team consists of many experienced captains, chief engineers and the others engaging in hull engineering, machinary part and electric engineering.
8. Up to now Kejin has completed many product oil tankers and chemical tankers and is also building LPG carrier .We had delivered twenty two IMO II chemical tankers and eleven product oil tankers on time or ahead of schedule. And there are eighteen product oil tankers, fifteen IMO II chemical tankers and twelve LPG carriers in our order book.
The management system of Kejin has turned over a new page as the company is on its way of expanding. After years of our effort Kejin’s production capacity will reach 1,200,000 MT and annual sales will reach 10 billion RMB. Kejin is dedicated to product first-class vessel and provide topping after service and is looking forward to cooperate with shipowners all around the world.

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