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Jiangdu Shipyard

Dockyard Message

Jiangsu Jiangdu Shipping Group Co., is a national medium-sized industrial enterprise, which is affiliates local communications system with capital total of RMB220,000,000 and registered staffs and workers total of more than 1,200 engaging in construction and production of various steel cargo vessels as well as manufacture, export, business trade and production and installation of lifting equipments of communications etc. It is with the rights of marketing own products of machinery & electrical products authorized by national economy and commercial committee, and approved to be export base of national machinery & electrical products by corresponding import and export office, whose affiliated company mainly are Jiangdu Yahai Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd., Jiangdu changrong industrial corporation and Jiangdu lifting equipment installation & manufacturing company etc.
     It was the first company that engaged in ship producing and exporting in Jiangsu province since 1986. At present, there has been a dry dock of 80,000 ton, a transverse specialized berth of 100,000 ton, a longitudinal berth of 20,000 ton and 70,000 ton individually, 7 sets of giant cranes of 400 ton, 200ton and 100ton, as well as lifting equipments such as gantry crane of 30ton and 40ton, together with pre-treatment steel streamline and various machinery remanufacturing and so on. It is mainly engaged in production of all kinds of panama container/bulk vessels, oil tankers with not more than 80,000ton one vessel, and various huge floating vdocks with lift capacity within 30,000ton one vessel, with a shipbuilding output of 120,000ton per year, total value approx. RMB600,000,000. It is ranked the first ten of national ship exporting in continuous years. It is one of important based enterprises concerning ship exporting and one of 500 large-scale enterprises of national machinery and electricity. It’s one of twenty prominent enterprises which is obtains outstanding achievements for container exporting in increasing foreign changes, and authorized as “advanced enterprise in increasing national foreign exchange”, “provincial advanced enterprise”, “first of advanced science and technology in communications department” by national economy and commercial committee and provincial government, one of ten prominent joint venture in Yangzhou, and authorized superfine creditable enterprise by provincial industrial and commercial bank of china for three continuous years. Up to now, over 200 various vessels have been constructed and exported to many countries and areas covered Asia, America, Europe and the pacific ocean.
     Sanjiangyin new yard covered 500,000 square meter is under active construction at the moment. We also pay close attention to the home market, engaging in large steel structure, producing and installation of lifting equipments, manufacturing the main industrial products, and make an active contribution to the communication system. During 2002, our company have conducted the innovation based on economy and construction aimed at concentrating on production, safety supervised by specialized individual and success of two civilization (intelletural civilization and substance civilization), with a total industrial value of RMB600,000,000 for the whole year, and annual sales approx. RMB350,000,000, with sip exporting of 3 units, total of 72,000ton, making a profit of RMB12,160,000, contributing to increasing foreign exchange of USD33,000,00. the company is experiencing fast developing period with rank of economical index among national shipbuilding company as follows: the 10th in value of delivery goods, the 7th in the new signing order and the 6th in new signed order, as well as the arrangement of production up to 2006. 150,000ton dry dock technical improvement project: outcome of vessel is according to designed program with one bulk vessel of 150,000ton, two oil tankers of 74000ton about the increasing output per year, of sales value RMB990,000,000.

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