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CSSC Xijiang Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd

Dockyard Message

CSSC Xijiang Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd is the largest shipyard in Guangxi Province, China. It is founded in 1965, occupying an area of 370,000m2. Now it has 1,147 worker staff, among them 382 persons are technicians, including 31 senior engineers and 132 engineers, and 15 worker technicians and approximately 100 welding workers with the Aluminum Welding Qualification Certificate issued by DNV or CCS Register. The shipyard has fixed assets of RMB 160 millions, equipped with more than 1400 sets of various equipment. The shipyard has 4 shipbuilding divisions, a non-ship division and 15 administrant departments. The quality policy executed in the factory is that honesty is base, customer supremacy, try for the best, and create an excellent. The shipyard won the Quality Administration Award from CSSC, passed the examination of the quality control system, gained the acceptance certificate of ISO9001-2000 quality system.


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