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Zhoushan Nanyang Star Ship Building Co. Ltd

Dockyard Message

Brief Introduction
Zhoushan Nanyang Star Ship Building Co. Ltd (asa NASCO) is one of the key shipbuilding enterprises in Zhoushan, Zhejiang, China. In November 2007, Nanyang Ship Building Co. Ltd joined partnership with ETA-Star Group of Dubai thus changing the predecessor’s name to NASCO. NASCO is a new shipbuilding company under the designation of modern production process. Presently, it has the capability of repairing 80 more large-scaled steel vessels all year round.
With an area of 200,000 square meters, 800 meters of a coastline, presently, NASCO owns an 120,000 DWT dry dock (280m x 42m x 12.5m) and a repair quay equip with a 60T reach rail crane, a 50T reach rail crane, a 30T reach rail crane, and a new addition of 25T reach crane. To add on to our list, NASCO is fully equipped with many large-scaled repairing facilities, such as mobile cranes, fork-lifts, 25T and 50T overhead cranes, substation, liquid oxygen station, air compressor station etc. Besides that, professional workshops such as the hull workshop, mechanical workshop, coating workshop, shipping workshop etc. are ready for repairing all kinds of ships. NASCO cooperated with COSCO-BIKKY Ocean Engineering Co. to set up the service station, engaged in turbo-charger, governor etc. technical services. Furthermore, a 200,000 DWT dry dock (350m x 55m x 12.5m) and a repair quay are under construction, and it will be finished by March 2009 and May 2008 respectively.
Moving on to our beliefs; with the employing principles of “appointing talented on their merits, having both ability and political integrity, taking talented as a measure, assigning the talented to the suitable position’’, and the management conception of “taking market demand as predominance, taking customer satisfaction as standard, taking management technology as security, taking team cooperation as spirit”, NASCO will sincerely cooperate with the national and foreign clients, to seek a common goal in development and create brilliance. You can be assured that NASCO will produce the best.
Enterprise Culture
1、Taking Market Demand as Predominance
It should take the market demand as the guideline of the enterprise development. Though being under marker circumstance that suppliers are in the position of predominance, it should fully meet the present and potential needs of the market from the aspect of strategy.
2、Taking Customer Satisfaction as Standard
Keeping customer satisfied is the basic conception of company operation and the rules abided by all the staffs. It drives force to meet the needs of customers in the aspects of time, price, quality, service and safety. What’s more, it should constantly improve customer satisfaction.
3、Taking Management Technology as Security
It should closely keep up with the pace of times, and stick to the innovative management and advance technology, constantly improving the core competitiveness.
What’s more, it should speed up to adopt and promote the modern management technology like management information system, goal management, performance management, international standard certificate etc, and the engineering technology such as computer designing, automation cutting, efficient welding, modern testing and experiment etc.
4、Taking Team Cooperation as Spirit
It takes team spirit as the core conception to achieve harmonious development between company and the staffs, constantly improve the centripetal force and cohesion of staffs. And it should drive force to cooperate with customers, suppliers, the government and other relevant parties, obtaining mutual development .

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