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Jiangsu Eastern Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (JEHI)

Dockyard Message

  Jiangsu Eastern Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (JEHI) is located in the north end of the fourth largest bridge of this type in the world and the largest in China- Jiangyin Changjiang Bridge, with proximity to Yangtze Gold water shore. It is opposite to Zhang Jiagang and Jiangyin city. It covers about 1200-metre coastline with access to to deep water and stable currents, and enjoys a good transportation network. It is a medium sized shipyard which integrates trade, shipbuilding, steel structure processing and anticorrosion etc.
  JEHI has 1045 employees, of which about 280 employees are specialized technical personnels. We have established quality assurance system in accordance with ISO9001 (2000 edition) standard. We were certified to be compliant with the GB/T 28001-2001 standard for occupational health and safety management system and GB/T24001-2004 standard for environmental management system in November, 2006.
   JEHI has a complete set of facilities and location for the construction of various ships and steel structure:
 Semi-dock slipway (285 m x 61m & 260 m x 40m each) which is capable for building 100,000DWT vessel, equipped with two 400 t and two 200 t gantry cranes;
 Platform for block construction (70,000 square meters area), equipped with about 20 units of lifting equipments including 400 t, 100 t, 75 t, 50 t, 20 t portal cranes and 20 t gantry crane etc, and one 125t, 270t, 360t each flat car for block transportation;
 A hull and section steel shop (220m x 28m) , equipped with six plasma NC cutting machines(7.5m &10.5m), two photo-electric tracing cutting machines, oil pressure machines (300t & 500t each), one 12.5m long edge milling machine & one edge planer, 400t NC cold-frame bender, 20m/m hydraulic shearing machine etc;
 Fabrication & welding shop for block construction (450m x 45m x 3), Pipe shop (90m x 40m);
 1075 (units) sets of CO2 protection automatic welding machine and other types of welding equipment;
 Deep-water outfitting wharves for berthing 10,000 t ships (300m & 600 m each);
 A 3m width production line for steel plate pretreatment & two buildings for secondary spray workshop, which is capable for monthly output of 10,000 t steel material.
  Currently our shipyard mainly produces bulk carrier, oil tanker, container ships, crane barges, floating dock etc below 100,000 DWT.
  JEHI was awarded the advanced Enterprise for “Excellent Export Performance” & “contract-honoring & trustworthiness” and provincial archives management advanced enterprise by Jingjiang city from 1994 to 1998. JEHI was approved the Own-operation Export and Import right by the “Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic   Cooperation” in March,1997. Also it was an individually-run science & technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province; the 28th of Top 100 Outstanding Enterprises of Taizhou city in 2004; Top ten enterprise of Jingjiang city in 2006, Top 50 Enterprise of Taizhou city in 2007.
  Our development has drawn the attention of the customers both home and abroad. The booming international business communication has injected new energies into our shipyard. During the “11th five-year”, JEHI will further improve the ancillary facilities, improve the scientific management and technical innovation to achieve a new goal.

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