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Zhoushan Jinhaiwan Shipyard Co., Ltd

Dockyard Message

Zhoushan Jinhaiwan Shipyard Co., Ltd(JHW)is affiliated to Shanghai Zhouji (Group) Co., Ltd. It is a private and sole enterprise with large scale of shipbuilding. The company is regarded by Zhejiang provincial government as “a key project leading the adjustment of the provincial economic structure and developing the equipment manufacturing industry”. The hand-hold orders rank top 50 all over the world in shipping industry.

  JHW locates on Changtu Island to the east of Daishan Penglai Island, which is in the middle of the Zhoushan archipelago, off the edge of Hangzhou Bay, close to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo etc. and abut Shanghai International Marine Center-Yangshan Deepwater Port. It holds the center of River-and-Sea Coordinated Transport and the Golden Channel of Yangtze River.

  The company was established in February, 2004, with total 1.25 billion yuan registered capital and put into full operation in July, 2007. Actual investment till now has exceeded 5 billion. JHW occupies an area of about 4 million m2 with a building area of more than 600 thousand m2. Along nearly 11,000-meter coastline, JHW is equipped with 3000-meter outfitting wharf and 4 docks. The biggest of the four has two 800t gantry cranes; and the other three docks respectively outfitted with two 300t cranes; JHW has 100,000 m2 of processing workshop, 90,000 m2 of outfitting workshop, 200,000 m2 of block fabrication workshop, four production lines pretreating raw steel material, 23 plasma cutting machines, advanced ship building machines and large lifting equipments. The overall distribution layout is effective, bringing out smooth and continuous production. The steel plate processing output could be more than 500,000 tons per year and the yearly output of shipbuilding could be more than 4.5 million tons. JHW is capable of building types of large and medium ships such as crude oil tankers, bulk carriers and container ships.

  JHW is devoted to building enterprise culture of Credibility, Dedication, Coordination, Innovation, with People orientation, effective management, customer service, advancement with the times and scientific development as its marketing logos so as to make economic benefit and social benefit develop harmoniously and pursue to rank the first-level of international shipbuilding industry.

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