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 Fujian Shipbuilding Industry Group Corporation (FSIGC) was established in 1997 and is authorized by Fujian Provincial Government to manage the state-owned assets. The predecessor of FSIGC is Fujian Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, which was established in 1983 to lead the major shipbuilding enterprises in Fujian Province. FSIGC is a multi-functional shipbuilding entity with shipbuilding as main business, skilled worker training, design, research & development, ship trading and block sub-contracting as auxiliary business. The major products of FSIGC are 4900 Cars PCTC, 7,300DWT Co/Ro Vessels, 2600TEU, 1350TEU, 880TEU and 700TEU Container Vessels, 53,800DWT Bulk Carriers, 32,000DWT Log/Bulk Carrier, 17,600DWT Dry Bulk Carriers, 3,800DWT Product Carriers, Big Power Supply/Tug Vessels, Tuna Fishing Boats etc. with LR, GL, ABS, DNV, BV and CCS class for owners in UK, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, Polynesia respectively.

      Fujian has long shipbuilding history, both the establishment of Mawei Navigational Administration by the government of Qing Dynasty in 1866 and the investment of Xiamen Dockyard by British businessman in 1858 were the start of Fujian shipbuilding industry in modern times, and had made great contributions to China’s plane and ship building, naval construction and training of technological men in modern times. Fujian shipbuilding industry has developed rapidly and achieved great success since China adopted reform and open policy.

      During “the 11th five-year”, as one of the six leading industries of Fujian Province, Fujian shipbuilding industry is occupying an important place in constructing economic zone of western coast of the strait. Having the priority of resource element, industrial base and international market, aiming a provincial annual building capacity of more than two million DWT and a total annual output value of more than ten billion RMB in 2010, FSIGC is playing a leading role in Fujian shipbuilding industry and is sparing no effort to compose the new music of the day.

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