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China Shipping Industry Co., Ltd (CIC) was established in 1998. It is not only an important land supporting subsidiary of China Shipping Group who is one of the most important players in the world marine market, but also a shining star in the sky of domestic ship repair industry.

CIC mainly engages in ship repair, ship conversion and building of special vessels. Most of its shipyards and specialty companies are located in Shanghai and Guangzhou, the most energetic cities in China. All of the shipyards possess advanced technology and abundant resources. They not only be experienced in regular ship repair but also show their competency in repairing and reequipping of special vessels of any kinds such as LPG ship, asphalt ship, chemical ship, Roro cargo, dredger and multi-purpose marine ship. The specialty companies provide special services to support regular ship repair, such as diesel engine parts reconditioning, automation, boiler, turbo charger, and propeller repair. In addition, they specialize in tank coating, thickness measurement and large-scale steel construction.

Droved by the quality strategy of product of high quality, excellent service and refined management, CIC has always been committed itself to providing comprehensive service to meet specific needs of ship-owners and customers. Its constant pursuit is to care about the benefit of ship-owners and customers and make them more satisfied with its service.

After several years of hard work, CIC repairs over 400 vessels of various types annually, ranked the first place in the domestic ship repairing market from 1998 to 2003, and plays a predominant role in this field.

With China stepping into WTO and the globalizing economy, CIC will continue to improve its service with the faith of being the best and lead the company into a first class enterprise in the world.

Looking forward to establishing business relationship with you and let's work together for a prosperous future.

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