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Fujian Southeast Shipyard, founded in the year of 1956, is situated in Mawei natural harbor well-known throughout the country and overseas and covering an area of 180,000 square meters. As the mainstay enterprise of Fujian Shipbuilding Industry Group Company, the yard have the capability of building various types of ships maximum 10,000T, with the ISO9001 Quality System Certificate. The main products have been exported to Japan, France, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Western Africa, Hongkong & Taiwan etc. countries and regions.

The former of the factory was Fujian Fishing Ship Building & Repairing Factory, which was founded in 1956. In order to meet the market needs, since the year of 1990,  products came into being varied, including cargo vessel, multi-purpose container cargo ship, fishing ship, barge, engineering ship, travel ship, high-powered tug, oil barge, imitation ancient vessel etc. ships top to 5000T, which have been exported to Japan, Singapore and Korea. With the expansion of the yard‘‘‘‘s business scope, in April of 1998 the factory was renamed Fujian Southeast Shipyard as a subsidiary of Fujian Shipbuilding Industry Group Company authorized by Fujian Province Government. Later, due to the rebuilding of Jiangbing Road in Fuzhou City, the factory was moved to Mawei and merged Fujian Ocean Fishery Enterprise Shipyard.  Now, the yard are the mainstay enterprise of Fujian ship designing and building industry, honored with the titles of Second Class State Enterprise and Excellent Enterprise of Fujian Province.


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