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Binzhou Pingsheng Seafarers Service Co,ltd.

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Binzhou Pingsheng Seafarers Service Co,ltd.

Bin zhou Ping sheng Seaman Service Co.,Ltd. was established in April 11, 2017, registered with the Bin zhou Administration for Industry and commerce, and has an independent legal personality. The registered capital of RMB 100 million yuan, the whole.
Company's business scope: crew technical advice; crew labor subcontracting; ship management services; ship management information consulting.
The company is Shan dong province Hui min County seamen association president units, Hui min County, Shan dong Federation of industry and Commerce director unit, China Cruise education and employment League director unit.


  • Binzhou Pingsheng Seafarers Service Co,ltd.
  • Crew Agency
  • China
  • Shandong Province
  • Binzhou
  • No.1 Wudingfu Road,huimin County
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