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Shanghai Howeverjet Technology Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai Howeverjet Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Howeverjet Technology Co., Ltd. (formally named Shanghai JINY Technology Co., Ltd.) is a professional company specialized in researching, producing and selling high-pressure water jetting equipment as well as providing consulting service for customers. With professional design and service team, bringing advanced technologies and key spare parts from abroad, Howeverjet has been working on providing safety and easy-using high-pressure water jet application products since the year of 2005. Exploring more than 10 years, Howeverjet has successfully developed all kinds of high-pressure cleaning equipment. It not only provides solutions on high-pressure water jetting application based on customers’ needs but also provides high-pressure cleaning equipment and accessories, consultant services and equipment maintenance services to customers.
In 2009, Howerverjet took the lead in receiving ISO9001 certificate. By using ERP system, Howeverjet improves production efficiency and quality of the goods.
Our main products are: High Pressure Machine, high pressure anti-Explosion cleaner, High Pressure Marine cleaner, High Pressure Hot Water cleaner, High Pressure water Pump, Pressure Test pump, High Pressure water mist equipment, pipe dredge equipment and accessories of high pressure machine. Our set products series can reach the flow of 400L/Min and working pressure of 1500Bar. Motor is an optional. Customer can decide the machine to be fixable or movable. It can be customized based on customers’ requirements.

HOWEVERJET high pressure cleaning machine for shipping is widely used in shipping and shipbuilding industry.

• Tank cleaning
• Ship hull cleaning
• Marine surface prep
• Paint removal from ships.
• Clear oyster
• Descaling
• Vessel cleaning
• Deck cleaning
• Heat exchanger tube cleaning & pipe cleaning

Technical parameter of product: 30~1000bar, 11~400L/min, 3~200kw.

We have a warehouse in Shanghai which can be in large stock. We have a complete logistic system which can deliver to the PORT of Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Qingdao, Dalian, Xiamen and Qinhuangdao quickly.


  • Shanghai Howeverjet Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Spare Part&ship Store Supplier
  • China
  • Shanghai
  • N0. 2998 Long Wu Road
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