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Weihai Weitong International Shipping Agency Co., Ltd

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Weihai Weitong International Shipping Agency Co., Ltd

"Weihai weitong international shipping agency co., LTD (WTISA) was established in November 18, 2001, by the" weihai shipping co., LTD. "and "weihai weitong ocean shipping co., LTD. "a joint venture of weihai port international shipping agency company;Nature of the company: state-owned company;Registered capital of three million yuan;Company employees are bachelor degree or above and has many years in the ship sailing qualifications or for many years engaged in international voyages the ship transportation business or agency business working experience, languages include English, Korean;China and South Korea on passenger and renowned container liner "new golden bridge" weihai port shipping agency business, is one of our company agent business;We are engaged in this industry for over a decade, Get the highly praise by the customs, MSA, quarantine, immigration, Port authority etc, and is evaluated many times "credit unit";So we in the area of agent for domestic and international ships weihai port has very strong advantage;Our tenet: to shipowners thought, be kind!
Business scope: engaged in the carriage of goods in and out of the ports of the People's Republic of China the non-vessel shipping;In the People's Republic of China in weihai ports engaged in international shipping agency business;For the record within the scope of goods and technology import and export;Shipping port services: domestic and international sailing ship material supply.(subject to ratification in accordance with the project, the related department approval to operate).
Weihai shipping co., LTD. In addition to covering the ship agent, freight forwarding ,container yard, ferry to China and South Korea and domestic coastal cargo liner shipping business, there are "weihai weitong ocean shipping co., LTD." (short-range ocean transportation bulk cargo shipping) have more than 10 various types of vessel sailing short-range ocean transportation bulk cargo ship, its total deadweight exceeded more than 200000 tons;The company has a team of more than 300 sailors and other related industry management team
"Weihai weitong international shipping agency co., LTD." working principle: the customer is supreme, the good faith management "; at the same time also thank you friends for many years to support our work!
In this solemn commitment: entrusted by you, is our mission!Your request, is the goal of our work!


  • Weihai Weitong International Shipping Agency Co., Ltd
  • Shipping Agency
  • China
  • Wei Hai
  • 9/F,jingtai International Building,6 Donghai Road,weihai City,china
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