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Jdm Gulf Turbo Solutions

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Jdm Gulf Turbo Solutions

JDM Gulf Turbo Solutions, is a Joint Venture between the Gulf Turbo Solutions Group of Specialist Turbocharger Repair Companies, & the Jobson Dan Marine Group who are renowned for Engine Repair & Marine Supplies. The first workshop is based in Shanghai with more similar workshops to follow.

Our state of the art service station in Shanghai is equipped with machines and tools to service & repair all types of Turbochargers.

Gulf Turbo & Turbo Solutions, are specialist repair companies strategically located in the Middle East & Singapore providing Total Turbocharger Solutions for ALL make & models.

Jobson Dan Marine specializes in ship repair and maintenance with offices and workshops located in Italy, Singapore, Oman, Morocco.

Our Turbocharger Service Stations , cater to repairs & reconditioning of all makes, models, types of Turbochargers .
The Management, Engineers, & Senior Technical Team comprise of personnel who formerly worked with the Makers.
They have an average of fifteen years of experience in the field of Turbochargers. The Engineers & Technicians have
been trained in Germany, Singapore, Korea & Japan .

The Companies are ISO certified
Gulf Turbo & Turbo Solutions are the Authorized Repair Agents for MHI for MET Turbochargers in Dubai and Singapore.
Gulf Turbo is also Cooperative Repair Shop for MES Techno Service for Mitsui MAN NA & TCA Turbochargers in Dubai & Bahrain.
KBB has appointed Gulf Turbo as the distributor in Bahrain.

Specialized Services for Turbochargers include Dynamic Balancing, Shaft End Repairs, Re-blading, Glass Bead Blasting.

Please be advised that we can deliver the parts to your vessels ( Worldwide ) & our Service Engineers can visit the vessels for fitment / overhaul.
We will charge you a daily rate & several TC’s can be overhauled if the spares are on board. We can offer you cartridges on exchange basis.

A stock of commonly used spare parts is maintained in UAE & Singapore. The stock includes Original or Genuine service kits for MET, MAN B&W, Mitsui MAN, KBB, Napier, IHI turbochargers. We also stock new and reconditioned turbocharger parts and are committed to providing high quality products at competitive prices with warranty


  • Jdm Gulf Turbo Solutions
  • Ship Repair/Shipyard
  • China
  • Shanghai
  • Pudong
  • 180 Gangying Road, New Pudong Area, Pudong Shanghai China
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