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Dong Tai Shi Zhen Tai Chuan Yong She Bei Chang

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Dong Tai Shi Zhen Tai Chuan Yong She Bei Chang

Our production and sales following products
1. Life-saving supplies
Life jackets, Life Buoy, marine life jackets, water sportswear, insulation rescue suits, life rafts, life-saving floating, floating cable, rescue rations, fresh water rescue, first aid kit, rescue rope, circle floating life-saving cable, the pilot Ruanti, rope-throwing devices , rope-throwing equipment, emergency escape breathing apparatus, air positive pressure ventilator, long ventilator tube, carbon fiber respirators, gas masks;
2. Fire supplies
Firemen and equipment, fire insulation suits, the anti-chemical warfare suits, all sealed anti-chemical warfare suits, portable bubble gun, fire me water, fire water, multi-purpose water cannon, fire buckets, bubble guns, various types of fire extinguishers with ship seizure;
3. Rescue Lamps
Lifejacket lights, life-saving lights floating-circle since, liferaft lights, watertight torch, explosion-proof lights, self-help circles floating and smoke signals;
4. Lifesaving signals
Pyrotechnic signal red, orange smoke signals, signal red parachute, life-saving ring with orange smoke signals, the daytime signal, the ball sunlight signal mirror, signal flag ship fire control identifier;
5. Pieces of the ship,
Tunglochuan, fog bell, hydrostatic pressure release, block rats, boat anchor, the anchor, boat trailers using copper hook, the ship raft frame, rubber stagnant boards, wooden pedal insulation supplies, sacrificial anodes, boat with tanks, on the ball , sounding hammer and threw the ball rope, radar reflectors, and high-speed rescue boats, glass-steel gas accounts deposited extinguishers, fire extinguishers planes, life-saving circle planes, mobile-filling pump, the international-security joints;

Your company, if necessary, please Marketing: Mrs.zhuhaixia
Contact: +86-515-85904200-85904200 13390706633
Fax: +86-515-85555200

I wish your company business is booming!


  • Dong Tai Shi Zhen Tai Chuan Yong She Bei Chang
  • China
  • 江苏
  • Dongtaishiyanchengshijiangsusheng
  • Zhengfunanlubeiceliangduozhen
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