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Sinode Shipbuilding Consulting & Brokerage Gmbh

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Sinode Shipbuilding Consulting & Brokerage Gmbh

Sinode Shipbuilding Consulting & Brokerage GmbH, is a company Hamburg based. As the company China southern representative office, we are working with business scope as below:

1.Ship financing (as behalf of Taiwan Capital, ), investment and financing consulting and management (as behalf of investment banking Lucot Group Inc. & Phoenix Green Capital) provides project equity financing, private investment, underwriting and investment loans, sovereign guarantee funding, and diversified financial services.
2. Newbuilding Consulting & Brokerage
3. Second Hand Ships SNP,and Ship Chartering Service

Taiwan capital, professional ship financing scale has reached 100 ships.

Lucot Group & Phoenix Green Capital, provides diversified financing solutions for international equity investment and investment loans, as well as a high-level of personal services that do not exist in normal commercial banks. Focusing on investment opportunities in Southeast Asia, Africa and China emerging development areas, it has invested a total of us $10 billion in energy, electricity, infrastructure and gold mining fields.

On the past 20 years, Sinode is a very active company playing the role service for foreign owners to work with Chinese shipyards, being contracted with more than 100 ships in experience and success.

We wish closely to work and cooperating with you service for any project would benefit for both side.

Thanks you and

with best regards
Chen, Zhaoxi
Sinode GmbH, China Southern Representative
at Fuzhou,PRC
MT/Wechat/Skype: +86 13805071203
Email: 13805071203@139.com
Website(HQ Germany): www.sinode.de
Website(Chinese): http://vip.sol.com.cn/SOL05910313

Appendix:Lucot Investment Bank & Phoenix Green Capital Investment Terms Sheet

There are basically three ways of investment in private enterprise projects (funds ranging from $5 million- $500 million USD/EURO):

Model 1: Equity Investment (NEVER more than 20% with preference being 5-10%)

Model 2:Investment Loans into the project.
a. Duration usually 5,7 & 10 Years. (One Year Possible also).
b. Interest Rate between annual 3.0% and 6.5% depending on deal.
c. Loan type can be Principal and Interest repayment or Interest only or combination.

Model 3: A combination of both 1 & 2. (Usually preferred option)

Financing processing procedures: 3-6 months.

Note:The project investment site inspection and review report shall be provided, and the loan will be made only when after final approval by Lucot Investment Committee (Switzerland).


  • Sinode Shipbuilding Consulting & Brokerage Gmbh
  • Consultant
  • China
  • Fujian
  • Fuzhou
  • Shangjie Gongmao Road 189, Fuzhou 350108, P.r.china
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