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Golden Sea Lion Maritime Services Co.ltd

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Golden Sea Lion Maritime Services Co.ltd

Good day.
Please allow us to introduce our company. Our company is GOLDEN SEA LION SHIPPING
CO., LTD. My company provides officers and rankings for container vessels, bulk carriers, passenger ships, tanker and Ro Ro carriers.We are handling formalities required for crew recruitment, visas, training courses, document certification, licensing, medical examination. Our Licence number is No.SRPS/PVN/253. Currently, we are providing crews to China Shipping companies and Taiwan and Hong Kong. We are sending the crew to the owners after running a training course such as upgrading course, English Speaking, ISM course and Seamen ship course. We would like to request you that if you required Myanmar crews to join your good company, we will provide you. You can directly contact to our email or WeChat or Whatsapp or Kako talk or line or skype.

We are awaiting your reply.

Thank and best regards

Myint Soe
Managing Director
Email : goldensealion2424@gmail.com
Phone: +959 5089345, +959 777410355, +959 777074242
WeChat: thuramoe11
Whatsapp: 777410355
Kako talk: crewagency2424
Skype: starboomyyy@gmail.com


  • Golden Sea Lion Maritime Services Co.ltd
  • Crew Agency
  • Myanmar (former Burma)
  • yangon
  • Yangon
  • No .211 / 2 Floor , Boaung Kyaw Street ,yangon ,myanmr
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