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Wintime Shipping Group Limited

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Wintime Shipping Group Limited

Wintime Shipping Group Limited is mainly engaged in bulk cargo chartering, ship purchases and sales container transport, freight forwarding and international and domestic trading business. There are two branches under the name of Wintime Shipping Group limited, one is Qingdao Wintime International Transportation Co., Ltd( First class freight forwarder established in 2006 with registered capital RMB5,000,000. ),the other is High Rate International Trade Co., Ltd(established in 2008, mainly engaged in iron ore trading business). Since the establishment, we set up a good image by holding the management principle of “credibility supreme, honesty first, excellence pursued, win-win & mutual benefit”, which lay a solid foundation for developing voyage advantage and promoting sales networks.
Our Business Scope as follows:
A.Break Bulk Chartering:
a).International Line:
China port <=> Singapore/Vietnam/Thailand/Indonesia/ Taiwan/Hong Kong/Philippines
China port <=> India/ Middle east/Bay of Bengal
China port <=> Mediterranean/ Europe/ Africa
Qingdao and nearby port <=> Korea Inchon/ Busan
China port <=> Russia Vladivostok
b). Internal Line
B. Ship Sales and Purchases & Ship Management
C. Iron Ore Trading Business
D. Container Service
E. Freight Forwarder Service


  • Wintime Shipping Group Limited
  • Charterer
  • China
  • Qingdao
  • No.69 West Yinchuan Road ,q-park ,shinan District
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