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Changzhou chinstar hydraulic equipment co., ltd is a professional manufacturer of ultra high pressure ( 70 - 300 MPa ) hydraulic products. After years of market cultivation and accumulation, the development of bolt bolt tensioner, hydraulic nut, ultra high pressure oil cylinder, ultra high pressure manual hydraulic pump, pneumatic hydraulic pump, electric pump and hydraulic wrench, and oil spray nozzle test bed and a series of professional products. Widely used in marine diesel engine, steel, metallurgy, power, bridge, railway, petrochemical, and heavy machinery and other fields. The product quality is in line with the working conditions of bolt fastening and dismounting, hydraulic lifting, coupling dismounting and pressure test.
Changzhou chinstar is a professional company that provides bolt fastening and disassembly solutions for users. Enterprise products through ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification. With the exquisite technology and the quality of the products for the improvement of the safety of many enterprises, the maintenance, assembly and production of first-class ultra high pressure hydraulic products and quality services. And can according to customer special needs customization, processing products, provide you with professional bolt fastening and disassembly best solution


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