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Seaswan Shipping Services

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Seaswan Shipping Services

V. EKAMBARAM. B.E., M.I.E., C.E., F.I.V.
112,3Rd Cross,
Chartered Engineer Saint Michael School Road,
Inspection Engineer Shanthinagar,
Valuer for Plant& Machinery Bangalore-560027
and Marine(Ships& Boats etc.) India.
Mobile: +91 9480177971
Telephone: +91-80-41246279
E-mail: ekambaramvenkatachalam@gmail.com
24th Oct.2018
Dear Sir,


I am a Chief Engineer in Merchant Navy with more than 17 years of sailing experience.
I have worked in all kinds of vessels such as cargo ships, container ships, bulk carriers, oil tankers, chemical tankers, gas carriers and product tankers, FSO and FPSO vessels, storage ships and lay-off vessels. I have worked in both motor ships and steam ships and worked with multi-national crew.
I have done vessel inspections and demolition voyages, and taken the ships to scrap yards.

I have also worked as a Maintenance Engineer in Hotel Industry.

I am a Graduate in Mechanical Engineering, a Chartered Engineer and a Registered and Approved Valuer for Plant & Machinery and Marine - Ship, Boats, of all types.
I am a Fellow of Institution of Valuers (India), member of The Maritime Union of India, Associate Member of The Institution of Marine Technologists & The Institute of Marine Engineers (India), Member of Institute of Engineers (India) and Member of Plant& Production Engineers (India).

I can issue Chartered Engineer Certificate, carry out inspection work and Vauation for the following area:- All types of Plants and Machinery, Marine Engines, Reciprocating Engines and Turbines, Diesel Generators and Steam Generators, Boilers and Compressors, Pumps and Motors, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Lifts and Cranes, Fire and Safety Equipments, Container Cargo and Bulk Cargo, Liquid Cargo such as Chemical and Petroleum Cargo and Gas Cargo.

Thanking you and best regards.

Ekambaram Venkatachalam
Chartered Engineer
Inspection Engineer
Valuer for Plant& Machinery and Marine (Ships& Boats etc.)


  • Seaswan Shipping Services
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  • China
  • karnataka
  • Bangolre
  • 112,3rd Cross,st.michael School Road , Shanthinagar
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