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Wuxi Tianxiu Textile Co., Ltd

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Wuxi Tianxiu Textile Co., Ltd

The leader of baby bedding sets since 1997. At Wuxi Tianxiu Textile, nothing is more important to us than providing safe, stylish and premier
quality baby beddings to each family. We believe that every child has a right to enjoy deep sleep on a comfortable bed. We offering best
premium fabric and best quality of craftsmanship on the market. Our sets fit crib, cot, cot beds and junior beds.
We offer range products for babies and toddlers: quilts, pillows, pillowcases, comforters, bumpers, sheets, blankets, car seat canopies,
nursing covers, and much more. We always aim to provide the best service possible. All our items are made from natural anti-allergen fabrics
to protect child’s sensitive skin. They meet all requirements regarding manufacturing process. We export more than $30 million worth of
goods every year to US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Middle East markets, etc. We have been awarded with certificate of ISO9001:2008, WRAP and
the name of Famous Brand Product. Besides, we have passed the factory audit at Disney, Wal-Mart,Kmart(US),Kmart(Australia),TRU/BRU, Carter
’s and Smeta, etc.
We are not only a manufacturer but also designer and innovator. For more than 20 years, our professional design team has created the most
gorgeous nursery bedding collections from the highest quality fabrics. We are specializing in prototype production and design before mass


  • Wuxi Tianxiu Textile Co., Ltd
  • Ship Manager
  • China
  • Alaska
  • Tianchixiang
  • No.8 Tianchixiang East Road,ya
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