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Arc Marine Pte Ltd

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Arc Marine Pte Ltd

Arc Marine Pte Ltd also supply Provisions, Bonded, Stores (Deck/Cabin/Engine), equipment & spare parts for all types of maritime vessels.

Arc Marine Engineering Pte Ltd. , a Co-operative company for engine maker- Mitsui B&W. covers various aspects of ship repairs specialized in main / auxiliary engines and other machinery overhauling like pumps, compressors, electrical motors. Our Turbocharger and Fuel Pump department boasts of state of the art machinery and equipment’s to carry out ash blasting and rotor dynamic balancing, injector needle profiling and re-conditioning jobs on fuel pumps and fuel injectors. We also do Calibration, Navigation & Radio survey and services.


  • Arc Marine Pte Ltd
  • Ship Supplier
  • China
  • Other
  • Singapore
  • No.4, Tuas Link 1, Singapore 638591
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