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M.m.marine Services

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M.m.marine Services

We are providing various services which are important and with quality job,1. Indian Cargo Gear Book issue new/ make the Endorsement which is necessary at the the of cargo operation.2. Gangway Test with Water BAGS .3. Crane and Grab Testing with Water bags,if need in presence of class surveyor.3. Fire Fitting Equipment / LSA Equipment Testing Refitting and certification.5. Life Boat/Rescue boat Testing/servicing and certification annual/5 yearly.6. All Type of navigation Equipment Survey / Repairing and Supply.7 All Type of Fabrication and repair Job with Certified Welders./with NDT.


  • M.m.marine Services
  • Marine Surveyor
  • India
  • Maharashtra
  • Mumbai
  • Bldg No.8 Unit No 13 Jogani Industrial Estate ,, Chunabhatti, Sion
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