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Cns Intertrans (wuhan) Co.,ltd

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Cns Intertrans (wuhan) Co.,ltd

2.Trucking , warehousing and packing
3.Customs clearance and declaration
4.Special Services:
-- Purchase Services: We have much suppliers resources of all kind of produce.
-- B2B Services(Print Label /Re-Packing)
-- Inland Pick Up From Different Suppliers and Different Places
-- Coordination with different suppliers Consolidated Cargo.
-- Export Documents Services.
-- Cargo Inspection Services.
-- Check Factory Services
CNS INTERTRANS can provide comprehensive logistics services on chartering, bulk cargo (such as iron ore, coal, crude oil, soybeans,corns), and included in break bulk cargo, project cargo, heavy cargo (such as petroleum steel pipes, cement, wind power project, yacht, generator set) list as follow: engineering vehicle such as automobile hoists, digging machine, bulldozer, road roller, pipelayer, spreading machine, spray truck, loading machine, bus,pickup truck, tipper truck, cement concrete pump truck, tank truck, semi trailer, etc. And concrete mixing station, asphalt mixing plant, bal mill, oxygen making machine, still kettle, vulcanizing machine, drying machine, large generating units, air compressor, aerobridge, yacht, locomotive, and coal product, fertilizer, etc.


  • Cns Intertrans (wuhan) Co.,ltd
  • Forwarding Agent
  • China
  • Guangdong
  • Wuhan
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