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Neptune Logistics Co.,ltd

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Neptune Logistics Co.,ltd

Let me introduce myself, my name is Helen Chen. I am a sales manager for Neptune Logistics LLC. Our company is engaged in international railway freight (container, wagon) from all cities of China to Europe ,Central Asia, Russia, Beralus, Mongolia, etc. with 17 years rich experience. Also by air and road transport and by transit through China to these countries too. We can offer railway consolidation services officially from China to Hamburg, Warsaw, Almaty, Tashkent ,and also warehouse, customs clearance and door delivery to all European cities. We have 17 offices in China and abroad.
We are ready to offer you a good service and competitive price for the transportation of your goods. If you have any questions, we are ready to answer them. We try to find the best option for each client.
China-Alashankou (Dostyk) - CIS /Europe
China-Manchuria (Zabaikalsk) -Russia/Beralus/Europe
China-Erlian (Zamyn-Uud) –Mongolia/Russia
Hefei/Chongqing/Chengdu/Ganzhou/Yiwu/Xiamen/Guangzhou/Changsha---Germany , Poland , Neitherland, Spain, etc

more info, please visit our website www.nep-logistics.net

Helen Chen
Sales Manager
Tel: +86 (022) 5817 0998
Mob/wechat: +86 138 2025 4751
Email: helen@nep-logistics.com


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  • China
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