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Shandong Chengde Ship Management Co., Ltd.

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Shandong Chengde Ship Management Co., Ltd.

Shandong Chengde Ship Management Co., Ltd. is located in Rizhao, a beautiful coastal tourist city. It is a comprehensive joint-stock enterprise that integrates shipping, ship management, crew management, education and training, human resources, maritime technical consultation, school-enterprise cooperation and other businesses in a joint venture. Up to now, the company directly or jointly manages 36 ships on international and domestic routes, cooperates with well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and currently manages more than 1,200 seafarers in various positions on the roster. In order to adapt to the development of shipping industry and build a first-class competitive shipping enterprise in China, a strong core has been formed in the fields of educational cooperation, large-scale project management and resource integration. It has been established with numerous navigation professional colleges and seafarer training bases (Dalian Maritime University, Qingdao Ocean Seafarer Vocational College, Qingdao Harbour Vocational and Technical College, Rizhao Vocational College of Navigation Engineering, etc.). We have established a good cooperative relationship to recruit outstanding young people who are willing to engage in navigation all the year round, and provide one-stop services for senior seafarers and ordinary seafarers in recruitment, training, certification, internship and dispatch.


  • Shandong Chengde Ship Management Co., Ltd.
  • China
  • Shandong
  • Rizhao
  • Room 709, 7th Floor, Huarun Plaza, Shandong East Road
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