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Shanghai Datwo Machinery Co., Ltd

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Shanghai Datwo Machinery Co., Ltd

Shanghai Datwo Machinery Co., Ltd
We devote ourselves to the bulk transportation industry.
DATWO a young dynamic company, has earned a geed reputation in the fields of manufacturing high-performance and robust grabs.

Long-standing experience as well as the professional and friendly team guarantee the finest quality. We specialize in the fabrication of mechanical and hydraulic grabs and manufacture these grabs in all sizes, designs and for any application.
Our objective: develop and manufacture grabs for the dry bulk cargo,dredging- and recycling industries. Our main objective is to ensure that all products supplied add value for the clients.
(IWS)International Warranty Service: We provide repair services for our products, repairs on grabs from other manufacturers are carried out also many times.

Product development: Product development is guaranteed, solving specific problems for our clients is the cornerstone of our business philosophy!


  • Shanghai Datwo Machinery Co., Ltd
  • Spare Part & Ship Store Supplier
  • China
  • shanghai
  • Shanghai
  • Datwo Room 3002, Buliding 3, No.277, Zheqiao Road, Shanghai, China
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