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Fu Jiang Xin Yaun Shipyard

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Fu Jiang Xin Yaun Shipyard


Fu Jian Xin Yuan Shipbuilding Company was established in June, 2003, locates in the east shore of Baima men, Wanwu town , Fu’an city, Fujian province. It is a comprehensive shipbuilding enterprise, has more than 100 engineers, mainly concerning ship repairs, ship trades, dismantle of old ships, and material logistics in port .
The shipyard covers about 45 Chinese hectare and the coastline is 1800m long. The first-phased investment of the shipyard is 350 million RMB. So far, a 100,000-ton dry dock (260m by 48m by 11.7m, with a 45-meter entrance, which is the largest dry dock in Fujian province), a 50,000-ton floating pier, as well as a comprehensive office building have been built up.
Our shipyard have advantageous natural conditions: conveniently transportation、suitable weather condition、low waves , good lee conditions、big tide fall、nice sea-route and maturity assisting-navigate facilities. Besides, we have excellent technical power: complete process facilities, so that we could design, build and repair all types of ships and facilities according to the client’s requirements, and under the rules and standards of the Classification Society.
Since established, our shipyard has repaired 78 vessels, such as: m.v. “XIN FENG” (DWT 62 thousand tons), m.v. “Pacific” (DWT 112 thousand tons), m.v. “BAHIA” (DWT 76 thousand tons), m.v. “DARVA SHREE” (DWT 74 thousand tons) etc. These owners and relevant class surveyors were all satisfied with our repair period and repair quality.
We warmly welcome domestic and overseas vessel owners to invest and participate in the shipbuilding and ship repair cooperation.


  • Fu Jiang Xin Yaun Shipyard
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  • Bai Man Men Wang Wu Fu an City Fujiang China
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