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Shandong Tongda International Shipping Management Company Limited

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Shandong Tongda International Shipping Management Company Limited

Shandong Tongda International Shipping Management Company Limited is established on the basis of the original Weifang Tongda International Shipping Management Company Limited, which is registered capital of 10 million. The company is an integrated management company with seafarer manning and international/domestic shipping management , which is approved by the MSA of China .

In order to guarantee the establishment of domestic and international outstanding qualified crew teams in shipping industry and to meet the requirement of market-based highly educated and qualified crew, on the basis of Weifang Tongda Nautical Academy, Shandong Transport Vocational College Navigation Subcollege was built with cooperation of Shandong Transport Vocational College in 2009, which is the first navigational college in Weifang. Shandong Maritime College was established in joint venture form in 2011. Our company , for facilitating the employment of crew and making Chinese crew internationalization, has applied and acquired agency qualification certificate of first-class crew service in May,2011 and agency qualification certificate of seafarer manning in April,2012 and has a lot of shipping management qualification certifications, including MSA ISM DOC, NSM DOC, PANAMA DOC and so on. Our company manages 28 international/domestic ships on behalf of shipowners at present. There are more than10 shipowners who cooperate with our company for seafarer manning, for example, MSA Jinan, China Marine Bunker Supply Company Qingdao Branch, Kaixiang International, Hongkong Shitong Shipping, Cosco Shanghai, Nanjing Sutie Shipping, etc, including 5 full set of manning ships(Panamanian bulk carriers of DWT 20800 and DWT65800, each with 21 crew members; one full set of domestic ship; 2 maritime patrol boats), 1 150-thousand dead weight ocean-going bulk carrier with cooperation manning , 5 vessels sailing in offshore routing ships, and a lot of ships manning crew for other management shipping and shipowners. We have 150 own seafarers who has certificate of crew, and 310 long-term of agreement seafarers as a whole set or personnel. Meanwhile our company accepts 10-20 navigation-majored graduates and10-20 sailors and motormen every year.

Service Assignment Department has a management team consisting of 12 staff, including captains and chief engineers who are familiar with ships operation, crew training and management, having a complete team to manage scattered crew manning, certification, training, crew affiliated insurance tracking management, crew reception service and so on. Our company has achieved a good reputation in shipping industry owing to good management concept and service consciousness and qualified service.

State pushed for the《Shandong Peninsula Blue Zone Development Plan》in 2011. Under this opportunity, our company has set up branches in Qingdao and Dalian, gradually developed the development strategy of “Shandong province as the center, radiating throughout the country, reaching out to the world”, and makes every effort to create the most competitive international company. Meanwhile our company will continue to seize up the main line of shipping management on the principle of maintaining the crew legitimate rights and interests, promote and improve all kinds of services and comply with international conventions and domestic regulations to implement the development of shipping management and crew manning simultaneously. Our company also has established brand development strategy , not only obtained certification of IBM but also obtained Water transportation enterprise safety production standardization level 3 appraisal institutions qualification, and performed seafarer manning service management policy of “standardized administration, honestly service, seafarer-oriented, harmonious and sharing together” and safety and environment protection policy of “guaranteeing safety, protecting environment, ensuring healthy, excellent service” from the aspects of staff and own crew’s labor skills, employment concept and behavior education to increase our company brand awareness and build an integrated shipping industry group with seafarer manning service management, crew education and training, ship’s management, maritime transport, cargo agent, stores & spares and shipping engineering.


  • Shandong Tongda International Shipping Management Company Limited
  • Crew Agency
  • China
  • Shandong
  • Weifang
  • Shandong Weifang Weixian Road No. 8 Administrative Building 10 Floor
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