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Company Profile
GZC LIGHT Co., Limited is a Hi-tech enterprise, professionally
engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing of LED lighting
products, which is located in Shenzhen, the LED lighting industry base
of China. Since 2006, we have been devoted into designing and
manufacturing commercial and residential LED products, including T5
and T8 Tube Lights, Plug Lamps, Flexible Strips, High Power Spotlights,
Downlights, Globe Bulbs, Panel Lights, Floodlights, etc. All GZC
Illumination products are manufactured to the highest standards.


  • Gzcled
  • Other Shipping Interest
  • China
  • GuiZhou
  • Guiyang
  • 1f,block1,bao'an Song Jing Ge,jinyang District,china
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