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Blatt Perforated Metal Co.

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Blatt Perforated Metal Co.

Blatt has more than ten years experiences in perforated metal screen manufacture and processing started since 1995.
On this site, we introduce our broad range of products: From thin plate to 30 mm thick perforated metal sheet screen, from the complex electrical switching equipment to small and medium-sized projects, from the perforated slotted sets to the large sifting screen equipment, we have been active in design and manufacturing.
We also have a variety of laser systems, metal gas welding equipment, gas welding, ion beam welding, and the surface treatment welding processing technology, all these ensure that we can satisfy almost any customer’’s request in the area of perforated metal sheets processing.
In addition to manufacturing and processing, we provide professional advice, from product development and design, to specific applications, to satisfy the interests of the customers. We also provide custom production and processing services.
We have a staff of more than one hundred workers, can provide you with the quality perforated metal screen and timely delivery service. Our products are exported to Europe and the United States, Africa, Canada, Italy, Australia and other countries and regions. Contact us now.
1.First of all, please send your request.
Fax: 0086-534-336401
Address:Xinjie, Dezhou Industrial Park, Shandong, China
Please call or send email for detail information
E-mail: perforatedmetal@perforatedmetalscreen.com
2. Discussions, communication of delivery period, the number of materials (the nature of the material ), material shape, size, secondary processing confirmation.
3. Estimated principle, the estimated delivery period of the day. The estimated changes in the prices of steel products.The estimated amount of shipment and more for the quantity of material, material shape, size, processing the easy difficulty, the existence of a secondary processing.
Discuss face to face with the person in charge of our company.
4. Suggest: We will give appropriate advise on products according to the customer requirement.
5.Design / Sample Making
f the customer is satisfied with the contents of the proposals, according to customer’’s instructions, a sample will be made.
6. Discussions / Final adjustment in the meantime we will conduct further communication between the final good style and various other issues, and start manufacturing.
7.Sending / Delivery: We will strictly abide by the delivery deadline. http://www.perforated-metal.net


  • Blatt Perforated Metal Co.
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  • Dezhou
  • Xinjie, Dezhou Industrial Park, Shandong, China
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