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Iko Marine Supply Co.,ltd

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Iko Marine Supply Co.,ltd

IKO Marine Supply Co., Ltd was founded in 1992, located in Shanghai China; It is specialized in spare parts for Daikin (Japan) air compressor for marine food refrigerator and central air-condition in annual overhaul, docking repair and voyage repair for ocean-going ships and coastal ships.
Supplying Scope:
● 2C582SE、2C582LE
● 4C552A-F(RKS8F)、6C552A-F(RKS10F)
● 4C75(2)-EB、 6C75(2)-EB、 8C-75(2)-EB


  • Iko Marine Supply Co.,ltd
  • Spare Part & Ship Store Supplier
  • China
  • Shanghai
  • Shanghai
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